Relationship Counseling

We are wired to be social.

Even for those who enjoy aloneness, relating to others is vital for a sense of wellbeing, direction, purpose, and pleasure. This is why continually seeking rich interpersonal relationships and connecting with your loved ones is both crucial and beneficial.

What if your relationship is no longer satisfying?

When relationships begin to feel like a struggle, it’s essential to seek help and work towards a better future. Like most things of value, relationships require “work”. No garden flourishes without proper care. Maintaining a good partnership is an active choice we make every single day. It requires intentionality and effort to cultivate it.

It’s a courageous act to communicate and connect.

Lack of effective communication and connection are the building blocks of growing resentment and distancing in relationships. The way we communicate and express our feelings and needs can make or break our relationships.

Criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling, behaviors that become common occurrences during a conflict, are, in fact, predictors of relationship failure and divorce. Silencing your thoughts and feelings, giving up on your partner, or handling a delicate matter with anger, resentment, and hostility don’t improve issues. They pave the way to chronic discontent or extinction of the bond.

Every relationship needs mending and polishing daily, sometimes requiring professional guidance. Master having difficult conversations and move past the anger, fears, or insecurities crumbling the relationships important to you.

Start a conversation to save what matters.