Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy provides help with a large range of challenges from anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, to difficulties in intimate relationships, at work or career conflicts.

For the most, psychotherapy is a conversation about you, about the challenges you are facing in life, and how to master them. The ultimate goal of psychotherapy is to enhance our quality of life.

Maybe you're searching— therapist near me—because you're starting to realize you can't solve the problem you are facing on your own. Now you've taken that first step and searched for solutions. Next comes taking that information and getting started on the road to a better quality of life.

Psychotherapy helps. It provides you with tools and insights when you have difficulty dealing with life. In clinical psychology, talk therapy helps you work through trauma, grief, medical illness, and even depression and anxiety. A psychotherapist specializes in interpersonal, behavioral, and talk-based strategies leading to change and solutions.

Depending on the client's specific needs, the treatment can be very brief (two consultations) or last months and even years if there is long-standing trauma or a severe condition. If you haven't felt comfortable with a prior's provider, it is important to keep searching for someone whom you will be able to share your experiences safely and honestly.

I specialize in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and accelerated experiential-dynamic psychotherapy, as well as other treatments used in clinical psychology. My main line of work is integrative. I work with a broad range of difficulties, such as relationship conflicts, self-esteem, identity conflicts, and mood and anxiety disturbances.