Couples Therapy

Help for partnered couples, premarital counseling, marriage counseling, couples divorced, or considering divorce, dating coaching.

Conflict is an intrinsic aspect of any substantive relationship. Couples therapy, couple counseling or marriage counseling is a desirable choice when you are experiencing a significant level of conflict with your partner that is impeding you, more often than not, to enjoy each other's company. Couples counseling or therapy can help you find new ways of communicating, negotiating, understanding, and appreciating one another.

Couple counseling by an expert may save your relationship before it's too late. Yet, remaining together is not the only--nor necessarily the best--outcome for all couples seeking professional help. Sometimes couples therapy can facilitate letting go of a relationship that is no longer satisfying, sustainable, or beneficial. Most often the outcome of couples counseling cannot be determined beforehand. In most cases though, the outcome (or decisions made after consultations with couples therapists) becomes more deliberate and manageable, and less catastrophic than those separations or divorces decided and executed without professional help.

I use an integrative approach to conflict negotiation within couples, incorporating the affective, cognitive, and transactional levels existing in all interactions to better guide the navigation of obstacles and fractures taking place among partners. I work with different layers and dimensions common to all couples' lives: power, intimacy, and commitment; and from multiple perspectives: cognition, emotion, past, present, and future; the conscious and the unconscious dynamics in and between them; problem-solving or insight focus.