Psychotherapy for
trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues & general struggles of modern life.

Most of us reach a point in our lives when we begin to feel that it is time for change, but when we recognize how difficult it is to alter our existing patterns of thinking and behaviors we tend to give up. This in turn leads to further avoidance, fears, disappointments, and decreased motivation. Ultimately these experiences can leave you feeling anxious or depressed, lead to difficulties in relationships, and have you living an unhappy life. Although it may feel like a dead end, in reality there are many ways in which you could be helped. Psychotherapy is a process through which you can explore your issues, improve insight into what is holding you back, and develop efficient ways to deal with your problems.


Counseling & Consulting

What my clients are saying...

Thank you – in a big way. I’m struggling to find the words to express my gratitude. Thank you for helping me find my smile again and teaching me about how to pursue real happiness. These last few sessions have made me feel great as I’ve realized that I’ve accomplished a lot with you.

Understanding therapist! Very understanding therapist. Took the time to listen and understand the situation – Flexible about timing, location (via Zoom if needed) – Offering extra or follow-ups when needed.

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